Hazen Audel Artworks

About the Artist

Hazel Audel Hazen is a native of Eastern Washington. He is an avid adventurer and currently works as an artist and biology teacher. He has been a leader of outdoor experiences for over 15 years. Hazen has recently received his Bachelors of Science in biology from Western Washington University. He has also studied botany and zoology at Eastern Washington University and Northwest Indian College, and has done advanced studies in tropical ecology at the University of Hawaii.

Hazen works as an instructor for Outward Bound Outdoor Schools and independently as a visiting speaker, and public and private school educator, concentrating on natural history, rainforest ecology, and biology. Hazens' passion for nature is an integral part of his character. He is a "hands-on" educator.

He has been guiding natural history trips in South America since 1993. There he has been heavily influenced by indigenous people and has pursued his great interests in outdoor survival and primitive skills


Hazen Audel In 1998, Hazen traveled to The Malocus and Irian Jaya, Indonesia, in pursuit of further adventures in one of the most remote places in the world. Here he carried on independent biology and ethnobotany research which unintentionally had proved to add to much of his survival experiences. (ask him about it!)

Hazen's vision is to carry on adventure education to both young people and adults focusing on awareness, personal growth, earth skills, nature, and its conservatio